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  • SCIE support for NHS Change Day 2014 06 November 2013Open

    SCIE calls on all social care organisations to pledge their support for NHS Change Day 2014. Our chair has made his pledge already.

    I pledge that the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) will make supporting integrated care and health a priority. We will provide practical support and resources to tackle the barriers to effective integration, ensure our work focuses on the outcomes that individuals want, and work in partnership with our NHS colleagues.

    Lord Michael Bichard, Executive Chair, SCIE

  • SCIE support for integration pioneers 01 November 2013Open

    SCIE will be supporting the integration pioneers announced today by care minister, Norman Lamb

    There is broad consensus from people who use, provide and commission services that more integrated care is better and more cost effective. The challenge now is how to do it well. The Social Care Institute for Excellence welcomes the opportunity to support and learn from the integration pioneers. In particular, we will share our knowledge about how to tackle the barriers to integration through our new online tool – Integration: step by step.

    Lord Michael Bichard, Executive Chair, Social Care Institute for Excellence

  • SCIE's office move 28 October 2013Open

    SCIE has moved offices. The new address is: Second Floor, 206 Marylebone Road, London NW1 6AQ. Telephone: 020 7535 0900

  • SCIE's care leavers’ project launched 24 October 2013Open

    Young care leavers have been interviewing their older counterparts to find out what common issues are still important to all care leavers. The project, run by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and partners, will see many hours of film being stored in the British Library for generations to come. Lessons can be learnt for future good practice. The films also show how people have gone on to have successful careers and interesting lives.

    During their journeys through the system, care leavers accumulate records mostly written by other people. This project has given care leavers the chance to tell their own story in their own words, unedited and not structured by anyone else. What’s more, the person they tell their story to has an instinctive understanding of what they are being told as they too have been in care. I urge anyone who works with looked after children or care leavers to view these life stories. They are a unique and profoundly moving learning experience.

    SCIE's Chair, Lord Michael Bichard

  • Safeguarding - three things to think about 17 October 2013Open

    Lord Michael Bichard, Chair of the Social Care Institute for Excellence, has called for improvements to the use of reviews of abuse and neglect in child protection. Speaking at the National Children and Adults conference last night, Lord Bichard asked for tighter control over the methods used in reviews, better training for reviewers and a centre for excellence that can collate, examine and share lessons learned across the country.

    The tragic death of Daniel Pelka caused many of us to ask whether the process, for reviewing such cases, is proving effective. I have for some time had three concerns about such reviews.

    SCIE's Chair, Lord Michael Bichard

  • Integration doesn't have to be daunting 16 October 2013Open

    For some time, people who use services and their carers have been calling for social care, health and other public services to be more joined-up. Organisations that provide services, along with those that commission them, along with policy-makers, now recognise the need to use integration to improve lives. From today, a new virtual planner helps organisations, or multi-agency teams, which want to work together, to do so.

    Getting started on integration may seem daunting, but this tool helps as it requires partners to work together to agree objectives, processes, methods and actions. It's reliable because it's based on SCIE's research into what helps, and what hinders integration. It's free and there are several benefits for organisations using this new resource. For instance, it can lead to an open, neutral environment for discussions, which can lead to improved lives for service users.

    SCIE's Chair, Lord Michael Bichard

  • CQC Chief Inspector priorities - SCIE response 15 October 2013Open

    In her first major announcement as the Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, today Andrea Sutcliffe has outlined her priorities for transforming how the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will monitor, inspect and regulate care homes and other adult social care services, with a greater focus on public involvement and improvement.

    We’re so pleased to see the Care Quality Commission looking to acknowledge the five key themes that matter most to people; that services are safe, caring, effective, well-led and responsive to people’s needs. This means providing good quality, personalised services that provide dignified care and support in all social care and health settings. It’s also good to see that the CQC will expect registering care services to show that those who apply to run them have the right values, motives, ability and experience. This means that things can be got right from the outset. The priorities, outlined today by Andrea Sutcliffe, provide clarity and will give the general public more confidence that our sector can help to improve people’s lives with quality care and support.

    SCIE's Chair, Lord Michael Bichard

  • Success for SCIE's Chair with Care Bill amendment 10 October 2013Open

    Care Minister Norman Lamb is tabling an amendment to the Care Bill. The amendment, first suggested by SCIE's Chair, Lord Michael Bichard, will give greater emphasis to the importance of personal dignity as a component of wellbeing in care and support. Lord Bichard had support in the House of Lords, from, among others, Baroness Claire Tyler.

    I’m delighted that the amendment has, in most respects, been accepted by the Government; and will provide an unambiguous statement of intent and expectations. This has no extra cost attached to it; it just involves us stating simply what this bill, and care, is all about. I think this is a big step forward, and clarifies what all clients and users have the right to expect from providers.

    SCIE's Chair, Lord Michael Bichard

  • Child protection: improving partnership working between hospitals and councils 02 October 2013Open

    More children are being referred to social care services. At a national level, the number now equates to around 4,000 per local authority. From today, there is new support on offer for staff who work to protect children. Three Social Care TV films, a report and an At a glance summary will be invaluable to support the partnership between hospitals and councils.

    Safeguarding children is a difficult task for all those involved - in hospital and social care services. These resources emphasise the need for clear procedures, jointly owned and developed, with the time set aside for staff to regularly review, challenge and understand each others' perspective.

    SCIE's Deputy Chief Executive, Amanda Edwards

  • Social Care Commitment - SCIE comment 25 September 2013Open

    The Social Care Commitment is an agreement about workforce quality between all parts of adult social care in England. Here's SCIE's comment

    SCIE’s evidence shows that if you recruit staff with the right attitudes and values, and provide them with good training and supervision, they are much more likely to provide a good service. That’s why we were very pleased to help develop the Social Care Commitment and encourage care providers to sign up. We know that it can be difficult, especially for small care providers, to access good evidence based training and support. SCIE offers free online recruitment, training and development materials to all providers to help them improve their teams’ skills and knowledge.

    SCIE's Director of Innovation and Development, Patricia Kearney

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