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The social care Good Practice Framework

09 July 2010

All social care staff and managers are being urged to visit a helpful and innovative website. It provides an easy way to share practice examples which have been reviewed by the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

The Good Practice Framework helps staff to discover what is happening elsewhere, to assess the relevance of examples and to evaluate their own practice.

The Good Practice Framework is a free website for collecting, recording, evaluating and sharing information about good practice in social care, to a common standard. One big advantage is that it offers a safe environment for thinking about practice; people won’t be judged on their suggestions, but instead can develop their ideas and learn from others.

Amanda Edwards, SCIE's Deputy Chief Executive, says:

We know there is much good practice in the sector. The Good Practice Framework helps staff to identify, assess and spread both new ideas and more established practice. It tests that practice from the perspective of people who use services, carers and other stakeholders and it reviews whether examples have been successfully implemented. This means that people can be confident that examples meet common criteria.

Bernard Walker from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services says:

SCIE’s Good Practice Framework provides a unique online platform for all of the social care workforce to communicate their good work and to learn from one another. It’s easy to use and I am sure that it will prove to be a very popular resource.

Policy and research often stops short of giving practical advice on social work and social care practice. The Good Practice Framework addresses this gap and SCIE says the spread of good practice across the sector will increase.

The Good Practice Framework also links with the evidence-base that SCIE has access to. The website already contains over fifty examples of good practice that have been registered by various organisations. Central to the success of the Good Practice Framework are the experiences of service users and carers.

The Framework includes “Good Practice Principles”, developed by SCIE:

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