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SCIE response to National Audit Office dementia report

14 January 2010

Commenting on today’s report on dementia, SCIE’s Chair Allan Bowman says:

The National Audit Office are right to bring to prominence the issue of implementing the national dementia strategy. As the body responsible for gathering and disseminating evidence of what works in social care, we are well aware of the need constantly to strive to close the gap between policy aspiration and the reality on the ground in too many places. But the job of spreading good practice is made easier because of the many great examples of services where staff are giving dignity, respect and a decent quality of life back to people with dementia.

SCIE’s recently-launched Dementia Gateway, available through our website, is invaluable to anyone involved in dementia work. It offers tips, activity suggestions and resources to support managers and their staff in delivering a more personalised approach to dementia care. For instance, singing songs that were popular when the person was in their late teens can open memory doors and can support staff and families, to get to know the person with dementia better. We would encourage all professionals in health and social care to log on to the site and discover new ways of supporting people with dementia and their families.

Link: Dementia Gateway.

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