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Respond to NHS White Paper says SCIE

14 July 2010

The White Paper, Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS, sets out an ambitious and radical reform of the NHS – and social care. Now is our chance to influence its implementation. We know that people who use both health and social care services are often confused by the false divide between these services. Therefore better coordination is of real benefit to individuals. SCIE encourages the social care sector to participate in the consultation on the White Paper.

With regard to our future role, as care services minister Paul Burstow has made clear SCIE … continue to have a role but it won't be the same role they played directly alongsideNICEin the past. SCIE provides a wide range of services – including supporting the development of quality standards alongside NICE. As an independent charity we explore innovative approaches to deep-rooted challenges (eg our new approach to serious case reviews in children’s safeguarding). We provide practical, accessible, evidence-based support to frontline care workers through our guides and learning materials, including digital solutions such as Social Care TV. Crucially, we capture and analyse information about latest developments in social care – and share that quickly with the sector (eg our updated guide to personalisation captures the latest developments in how to transform adult care services).

We will work closely with Department of Health and social care organisations to ensure that the personal care and support – as well as the health care – needs of individuals are supported by the reforms within the White Paper. We have the contacts and knowledge needed to ensure this happens.

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