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Delivering the vision: practical support is essential

16 November 2010

A vision for adult social care: capable communities and active citizens helpfully sets out what social care aims to deliver over the next four years. The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) will continue to provide commissioners and providers of care with practical guidance and support on how to deliver that vision,” says SCIE chair, Allan Bowman.

We are particularly pleased to see that prevention is one of the principal pillars of the vision. During a time of financial restraint, it may be tempting to focus only on critical needs. But the developing evidence shows that disinvesting in prevention is a false economy, merely increasing the need for even more critical care at a later date. SCIE will shortly launch a new resource on prevention including guidance on ‘reablement’ - how to maintain and regain independence.

We know that delivering the vision will be a challenge. But social care is full of innovators. For example, a group of musicians including those with learning disabilities, got together to form a production company. Heart and Soul is now a major business giving people with learning disabilities the opportunity to further careers as singers, dancers, DJs and technicians.

Heart and Soul is featured alongside a number of other services in SCIE’s latest Social Care TV films on innovation.

SCIE’s recent and forthcoming work to support delivering the vision includes:


SCIE is developing a new online guide on prevention and well-being. The guide will build up over time. The first sections will be published in December and cover reablement. Future sections will explore early intervention, independence and well-being. The guide will be based on existing evidence and include examples of practice.


Enabling risk, ensuring safety: Self-directed support and personal budgets: This report examines the findings from research and practice regarding risk taking and safety in the implementation of self-directed support and personal budgets

Plurality and partnership

The Big Society and innovation in care and support for adults: Report from two SCIE expert seminars co-hosted with The Innovation Unit and the Department of Health. The report summarises the key messages from both seminars including: the role of local and national government; relationship with personalisation; collaboration and innovation.

Social Care TV – films on innovation: Innovation: living together shows simple and inexpensive approaches to meet people’s accommodation and home care needs. Innovation: working together highlights examples of innovative community based support provided by voluntary sector organisations.


Safeguarding adults: SCIE has been working with a Pan-London group including all councils, Metropolitan Police, NHS, and probation services to agree a common set of guidelines on adult safeguarding. This will be launched in the New Year. SCIE is using the learning from this project, plus our model on children’s serious case reviews, to develop a national approach to adult safeguarding.

Productivity, quality and innovation

SCIE guides provide evidence about what works. This will help commissioners and providers to identify the models of care most likely to be effective. SCIE will publish a study into efficiency and personalisation in December 2010.

Social Care TV films are broadcast quality. Whole films and clips can be downloaded onto websites or used in TV or radio broadcasts. If you would like support in using the films please contact Steve Palmer at SCIE.

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