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Going live - online help for social care organisations

18 January 2010

From Midday today, care providers who don’t currently have good access to the internet, will be supported as a new ICT programme opens for business. Organisations can apply for a slice of the £12 million of investment grants being distributed by SCIE.

Announced in December, Get Connected enables improved access for staff, people who use services and carers, so they can use the internet to communicate, learn and train. The two-year programme will enable adult care and support providers to access information and communication more effectively.

Organisations can apply by visiting: Get connected.

Computer literacy, and the internet in particular, are transforming the way we communicate, learn and work. It follows on from the successful launches of SCIE’s Social Care TV and the Dementia Gateway.

Stephen Goulder, SCIE’s Workforce Director says:

We know that these days good ICT access isn’t an ‘add-on’. It is essential if care and support organisations are to have access to knowledge and learning. Service users will also be able to keep in touch with the world around them. This fund will help provide the equipment and skills to organisations to deliver high quality and more personalisedservices.

Leading charities in the field Lasa and Charity Technology Trust are providing support to ‘Get Connected.’ Lasa will bring technical advice and resources to the project, whilst CTT will be managing the grant-making aspects of the project.

Online skills can be used in many ways, for example to:

Computer literacy is a necessity

There are around 24,000 independent sector registered social care services for adults in England. Many of them are small private or voluntary sector organisations who do not have access to high quality internet or digital technology. This means their users and staff are at a disadvantage in terms of access to training and development, knowledge gathering and full participation in the support networks available online.

In addition, The Care Quality Commission will require providers to register online from April 2010. Without good access to the internet, this may be challenging for some organisations.

Example of what will be funded

Jason runs a home care agency which is providing domiciliary care workers for an increasing number of people, so he needs to expand. He wants to make sure that the quality of his care staff is high, and that they are up to date. He does have computer access but only uses his one machine to do administration. His staff could keep up to date and do some training on-line if he could find a way of expanding access to his ICT.

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