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Personalisation: are you ready?

20 September 2010

Getting Personal has really helped our organisation to focus on improving services and making them more personalised. It was quick and easy-to-use, and gave us the chance to see how we were performing against other providers, which has been really useful.

Dave Webber, Director of Services to Disabled Adults, Livability.

A new elearning tool has been launched, enabling social care providers to assess how prepared they are to offer personalised services.

Getting Personal is available online to everyone working in the adult social care sector. It’s organised by the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) and the Social Care Institute for Excellence. The online tool offers a short and simple self-assessment of providers’ progress towards personalisation, assessing their performance in relation to a set of key factors.

Once providers have completed their self-assessment, the results can be used to:

Lucy Hurst-Brown, VODG Trustee & Chief Executive Brandon Trust, says: Getting Personal has been developed with organisations working across the whole of the adult social care sector. It offers practical support for providers in making the essential organisational changes in their journey towards personalisation. The VODG is delighted to play a leading role in the promotion of personalisation and the transformation of social care.

The online tool is available free on SCIE’s website now. The second stage of the tool will be launched in December 2010 and will signpost providers to resources that will help with their specific requirements.

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