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The Law Commission report on adult social care law

24 February 2010

SCIE’s Director of Adult Services, David Walden, says:

SCIE welcomes the prospect of a simpler, consolidated legal framework for adult social care to replace the present piecemeal system which has grown up over the past 60 years and still relies far too heavily on the rather paternalistic National Assistance Act of 1948. In taking forward this reform, which seems very technical but is vital in framing the overall legal context for adult social care, it will be important to ensure that any new legislation is compatible with a world of more personalised care and support, with services purchased through personal budgets and direct payments. Increasingly, the services supporting adults needing social care will be driven by user choice and legislation should support rather than unnecessarily inhibit such choice.

As the body charged with transferring good practice to the frontline, we are pleased to be on the advisory group for this important project. Front line staff, social workers and students find it difficult and confusing to navigate through the 38 or so current pieces of legislation on adult social care. So we welcome the attempt to create a clearer and more coherent framework, which will make it easier for staff and service users to use and understand. We will also be encouraging people to get involved in the consultation process.

Link: Law Commission's consultation.

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