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SCIE response to ‘The Future of Social Work in Adult Social Services in England’

25 February 2010

SCIE’s Chair, Allan Bowman, says:

We are delighted to welcome today’s statement by various bodies which reinforces the message that adult social work has a key role to play in supporting individuals and families. The upcoming White Paper on Care and Support must incorporate the themes in today’s statement, treating people who use services as active citizens with aspirations who have a part to play in society, whilst ensuring that the more vulnerable people get the security they deserve.

The unique role that social workers can bring to this process will be all the more important in the future, because they will be using their analytical and interpersonal support skills to support people to manage and choose their own care and support as much as possible. Although the public focus on social work all too often concentrates on children’s and families’ services, adult social work also faces huge challenges, for instance with the exciting arrival of personalisation on the agenda for ‘Putting People First.

Link: SCIE’s response to the Care and Support Green Paper (413kb PDF file).

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