SCIE media statement

Munro interim report

01 February 2011

Commenting on the publication of The Munro Review of Child Protection: Interim Report, The Child’s Journey, Amanda Edwards, SCIE’s Deputy Chief Executive, says:

This report reminds everyone involved in child protection about why we came into this profession. It’s a ‘must read’ for anyone who works with families and their children. It’s good to see such a child-focused approach; it’s good to see local authority trial sites to test the recommendations; it’s good to celebrate those things that should be retained, like the common assessment format and that the role of the manager is vital in binding everything together. The report makes clear links to the work of the Social Work Reform Board and the College of Social Work, showing how they all contribute to social work being able to place children and their safety at the centre of their work.

Eileen Munro says she is considering making recommendations on serious case reviews, because she says the issue of ‘why things went wrong’ needs addressing. The report recognises the work that SCIE has led on to develop new methods for case reviews. We have had very positive feedback from people who’ve used the approach and development work continues apace. We are midway through pilots in the West Midlands, are working with the London Safeguarding Board to support seven pilots across the capital and are in the process of finalising details for work in the South West.

We will continue to work with Eileen Munro and her team to contribute to the final report in April.

Policy context

On 10 June 2010, ministers announced the launch of a review of child protection, headed by Professor Eileen Munro. The Secretary of State for Education asked Professor Munro to conduct a review of the system, with a focus on strengthening the social work profession. The review builds on the work of Lord Laming’s Progress Report (March 2009) and the Social Work Task Force. Professor Munro’s initial report to Government was submitted in September 2010 and published on 1 October 2010. She is due to submit her final report in April 2011. Today’s publication is an interim report.


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