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Sexual health elearning - new resources for mental health professionals

1 December 2011

People with mental health issues often have poor sexual health. New e-learning resources will help staff to identify ways in which sexual and reproductive health and sexual abuse are important issues for such people. Developed with busy mental health professionals in mind, it is an easy-to-use guide to key aspects of sexual and reproductive health for people with mental health issues.  

The resources are launched today by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE). Mental health issues can have a negative effect on both sexual and reproductive lives; they can lead to a number of related health problems, including a lack of sexual desire or erectile dysfunction. Mental health issues may also create difficulty making relationships; difficulty negotiating sexuality within relationships; and increased risk of sexual coercion or violence.

The sexual health elearning covers the following topics:

SCIE’s Director of Adult Services, David Walden, says:

There’s too much stigma, prejudice and misunderstanding surrounding the links between mental health issues and sexual health. In the past, sexual violence and abuse have often been side-lined in relation to people with mental health issues. Our new elearning pages are designed to help staff by supporting them to overturn some of these negative attitudes, as they work to improve people’s health and well-being.

These resources can be an invaluable resource for healthcare staff, for instance, those working in reproductive health, sexual or genitourinary medicine. They’re also useful for those working in services dealing with the consequences of abuse, as they provide many insights into the links between these areas.


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