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Parental mental health guide updated

2 December 2011

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An updated version of the Parental mental health and child welfare guide has been launched. The guide, which is about working with parents who have mental health problems and their children, has been brought up-to-date, and it now includes the changed policy context and new practice examples.   It was first published in July 2009 by the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

SCIE’s Parental mental health and child welfare project has been running for two years. In September 2011, it finished running in ten implementation sites nationwide and so SCIE wanted to update guide.  

New to the guide for 2011

A new resource, Putting it into practice, reviews findings from the ten implementation sites across England and Northern Ireland over the past two years.  It includes practical examples for making implementation work, highlighting a selection of ‘quick wins’ (with low or no cost actions) which can kick-start changes.  These actions include improving communication through lunchtime learning sessions and ensuring that “Think Family” is included in staff inductions and safeguarding training. 

The guide is supported by a suite of tools for practitioners such as Social Care TV films, elearning, interim evaluation and an At a glance briefing detailing key messages.

Amanda Edwards, SCIE’s Deputy Chief Executive, says:

Since its launch, the Think Family approach has addressed the issue of stigma and fear of approaching mental health services. This is because the project has cut across children’s, adult’s and other services. We’ve stressed how important it is to promote good mental health and wellbeing for all family members. We’re delighted that the ten pilot sites have completed their time with the project, with encouraging results, and we hope the model can be drawn on by many other sites so that parental mental health is dealt with in a multi-agency manner.


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