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Changes to the Children and Young Persons Act - What staff need to know

04 April 2011

Plus new films about looked after children on Social Care TV

All professionals working with children and their families need to understand new legislation that came into law on 01 April.  Updates on the Children and Young Persons Act (2008) now place a statutory responsibility for all those working in children and families services in England. This reform of children’s services law does things like removing the restriction on cash payments that families can receive. This now offers much more flexibility to help facilitate tailored support.

It comes at a time when two new Social Care TV films provide the opportunity to hear from looked after children themselves. The films look at the support that is available, how looked after children get their voices heard, and how they can achieve independence.

The legal reforms mean there will be even more support for care leavers, by, for instance, ensuring good quality placements take place that are undisruptive to education.

NICE/SCIE Guidance

The legislative changes are messages echoed within joint guidance published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) Promoting the quality of life of looked after children (2010). SCIE’s online guide can help you quickly access the topics of most relevance to you, including:

SCIE’s Deputy Chief Executive Amanda Edwards says;

Although many children in care have positive experiences, some do not and can experience a number of changes both at school and at home during their time in care. This guidance focuses on ways agencies can work together more successfully to improve the lives of these vulnerable children and young people

The views of looked after Children

Two newly launched Social Care TV films provide the opportunity to hear from looked after children themselves.  The films focus on the ways that looked after children are being heard and getting the support they need as well highlighting the move to independence.  One looked after young person who is part of the lobbying charity Voice says;

I feel like we are helping to change the care system for the better, we are the ones who are in the system and who understand the system more than anyone else


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