SCIE media statement

Dilnot Commission - SCIE response

4 July 2011

Responding to the publication of the Dilnot report, SCIE’s Chair Allan Bowman says:

It’s a really important day for long-term social care in England. The Commission has studied and reported on the complex issues around the funding of long-term care. The recommendations follow an in-depth study over the last year. They understand the need for consumers to be given choices over their care. This is especially important because those people will need a range of choices if they are spending their own money on their care.

There are two important issues at stake; one is how social care will be funded; the other is how quality can be created and maintained. It’s also clear from the report that it’s going to be vital that people who use services get good quality information about those services. This area of work will be increasingly important for SCIE, as we will be able to draw on our knowledge, skills and commitment in this area.


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