SCIE media statement

Outcomes framework for adult social care

06 April 2011

The Department of Health has published its response to a recent consultation on a proposed outcomes framework for adult social care. SCIE’s current and future role was endorsed, both by respondents to the consultation and the Department:

Many respondents to the consultation were keen that work done to date was not lost, and recognised the considerable role of SCIE… Others thought that SCIE’s experience would be a valuable support to NICE in understanding its new role, identifying its own work on best practice in social care as a template from which NICE could build the Quality Standards approach. We share this analysis, and agree that SCIE has much to offer to NICE in its expanded remit. SCIE’s established ways of working provide a sound basis for joint work with NICE, and we note that the two organisations will continue to work together closely, as they have done in the past, to share expertise and learn from each other’s experiences.

(pp 41-42, paras 6.8 and 6.9, Transparency in outcomes: a framework for quality in adult social care A response to the consultation and next steps, Department of Health, March 2011).


The 2011/12 Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) is a set of outcome measures, which have been agreed to be of value both nationally and locally for demonstrating the achievements of adult social care. Nationally, the ASCOF will give an indication of the strengths of social care and success in delivering better outcomes for people who use services. Locally, one of the key uses of the ASCOF is for ‘benchmarking’ and comparison between areas. It is not a national performance management tool. Government will not seek to set targets or manage the performance of councils in relation to any of the measures in the framework.


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