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Case reviews – News about SCIE model

08 November 2011

Tim Loughton, Minister for Children and Families, has announced that the SCIE model for case reviews, called “Learning Together”, is to be used in some pilot serious case reviews. A serious case review occurs where there has been a death of a child, and abuse or neglect is known or suspected to be a factor in the death.

SCIE’s Deputy Chief Executive, Amanda Edwards, says:

This is a crucial development and an important opportunity to test and work through the implications of using a systems model for a serious case review.  We have already learnt a lot from the successful application of the SCIE Learning Together model to case review in child protection and are pleased to be working with the Department for Education, in this critical phase, to build capacity in the sector to use a systems approach. By early 2012 we shall have 20 trained accredited reviewers who will be available to conduct reviews using the SCIE model.

This is about how we all learn to protect children better. We are aware of the demand, of financial constraints and of the need to offer good value for money.  We are therefore working with the sector to adapt how the Learning Together model can be used to provide a less resource-intensive, differentiated approach that responds to the type of case and learning needs of boards.


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