SCIE media statement

The Munro Review

10 May 2011

Responding to the publication of the Munro Review, SCIE’s Deputy Chief Executive, Amanda Edwards, says:

The report is a powerful reminder about the experiences of children, the role that social workers play and the reasons that people are so committed to being social workers. As with the interim reports, Professor Munro shows how all safeguarding services can contribute to putting children and their safety at the centre of their work. Just as importantly, what the report says about social work speaks to the profession as a whole, wherever it is practised, including in adult and health settings.

The report complements the work of the Social Work Reform Board in its aim to improve and support social work practice. Specifically, it shows how its own recommendations accompany the Reform Board’s Professional Capabilities Framework. SCIE will be leading the development of this work for the Reform Board.

We’re very pleased that the Munro Review is recommending that the Government require Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards to use systems methodology when undertaking Serious Case Reviews. It is gratifying that SCIE is recognised as leading the development of this approach in the child welfare field. SCIE, with partners OPM and Barnardo’s, are hosting two free day events for sector leaders from all agencies to introduce the systems approach and share information on the SCIE Learning Together model for case reviews. I encourage the sector to attend these events, to hear more about the systems approach and the SCIE Learning Together model.

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