SCIE media statement

Law Commission final report – SCIE response

12 May 2011

Responding the report, SCIE’s Chief Executive, Julie Jones, says:

We strongly welcome this report, which calls for a single, clear, modern statute and code of practice for adult social care. We told the Law Commission that people who use services and carers are looking to the law to reflect their aspirations and to give them enforceable rights to challenge local authorities and others that are not meeting their obligations. We also said that if a new law is passed, people who use services and carers want professionals from social care, health, housing and related areas, to be fully educated about what is in the legislation, and how it should work in practice.

During the consultation, we suggested to the Law Commission that the statute should be based on the single core principle that adult social care ‘should promote or contribute to the wellbeing of the individual and support people to be active citizens’. We said that in many cases, adults should be presumed to be the best judge of their own wellbeing. We’re very pleased that the Law Commission has taken this point on board and is endorsing it.

As the body charged with translating evidence into practice materials, we stand ready to assist in the preparation of new codes of practice. This would provide guidance for social service authorities under the new law.


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