SCIE media statement

CQC’s National report on dignity and nutrition review – SCIE response

13 October 2011

David Walden, SCIE’s Director of Adult Services, says:

Today’s report is a reminder that dignity and nutrition are key issues for care staff. First and foremost, people need food and water. And being treated with dignity and respect is fundamental to good care practice. The report highlights several areas of concern and this long-standing problem exasperates people who receive care and their families, along with many staff in health and social care. Those staff are often willing to do something about it, but can feel unable to act. There are many factors they have to deal with, including busy working environments and lack of leadership and training.

The majority of patients in acute settings are likely to be older people, many of them with dementia, so this is going to be an even more important issue in the future.  What’s needed is a flexible approach to supporting a person at mealtimes. SCIE has a range of resources to promote dignity and good nutritional care but the underlying problems that prevent implementation need to be examined and addressed. SCIE has contributed to the NHS Confederation/ LGG / Age UK Working Party on Compassionate Care. This body will be looking at the causes of problems that are highlighted in today’s report so that we can all understand why care provision often lacks that essential dignity and compassion.


The Working Party on Compassionate Care also included contributions from the NHS Confederation, LGG and Age UK

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