SCIE media statement

Black and minority ethnic people: access to dementia support and services

14 March 2011

Barriers to dementia care services currently faced by BME people are discussed in a new research briefing from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

As the number of older BME people in the UK is increasing, inevitably they are likely to have a greater need for dementia services. The SCIE briefing responds to this, looking at some of the ways local services can become better at providing for the needs of BME people with dementia.

The key messages from the briefing include:

David Walden, Director of Adult Services at SCIE, says: “Our population is ageing, and this means that more people are going to need access to dementia services. BME people are generally under-represented in dementia services, and the SCIE briefing explores some of the barriers they may be facing to improve services.”

Policy context

Estimates of the number of people currently living with dementia in the UK range from around 684,000to 822,000.Among these, it is thought that approximately 15,000 are from a minority ethnic group


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