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The College of Social Work – to be a legal entity in January 2012

21 September 2011

“Social workers need a College that can build a confident, respected, well-supported profession, which represents their views,” says SCIE chair, Allan Bowman. “The SCIE Board supports establishing the College as a legal entity. The sector can’t wait any longer.”

“The SCIE Board is confident that the College Interim Board is doing everything possible to make this happen. We’ve both looked at the risks, and concluded that continuing merger talks with BASW now would distract efforts from establishing the College on time. Merger talks are being postponed until the College is established. They are not being cancelled.”

Following mediation and a risk assessment, the College Interim Board recommended this approach to the SCIE Board. The SCIE Board endorsed the proposal at its meeting on 15 September.

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SCIE’s role in The College of Social Work

The College does not exist as a separate legal entity at present, therefore SCIE is formally accountable for the establishment of the College on time and on budget. All decisions about how it is developed, what services it provides and who manages it have been taken by the College Interim Board.

In 2009, the Social Work Taskforce recommended establishing a national independent college of social work. The government provided start up funding to enable the development of a College of Social Work and asked SCIE to oversee the process of establishing the College.

Over the last 18 months, SCIE has

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