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SCIE’s case reviews – the pilots In Salford, Wirral and Lancashire

Newly launched social care TV film. Test sites create “constructive learning experience”

23 February 2011

It’s definitely, definitely changed my practice” Social worker who took part in the North West pilots

A new film on Social Care TV looks at how a new approach for conducting case reviews is being put into practice. The ‘systems approach’ has been developed by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) to protect children. For the first time, three councils have piloted the method.

The film shows frontline workers and their first-line managers collaborating together. They are centrally and actively involved throughout the course of the case review. The Social Care TV video also sees managers talking about what it’s been like to work together as a multi-agency review team in conducting case reviews.

The pilot sites featured are in Salford, Wirral and Lancashire. The sites included the Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) in those Local Authorities.

The pilots were completed in September 2010.

SCIE’s Deputy Chief Executive, Amanda Edwards, says:

Public confidence in social workers can be undermined if those professionals are perceived not to learn from cases in which children suffer or die from abuse. Serious case reviews provide potential learning opportunities and these aren’t always fully realised. The film about the first pilots of the systems model is very encouraging. The model has the potential to improve your learning from case review and serious case reviews. If you are interested in the model, please get in touch”.

SCIE Learning Together – the systems model

The SCIE Learning Together model is a method for getting to the bottom of professional practice. It helps agencies to understand which work arrangements encourage good safeguarding practice. It identifies issues which actually make it more likely that poor practice will occur.

This builds on safety management developments in the fields of engineering and, subsequently, health.

The film about pilots in Salford, Wirral and Lancashire

The Social Care TV film sees frontline workers and their managers working with families, centrally and actively involved in the case review throughout. SCIE says that it’s highly collaborative.

Who will find this useful?

The film will be helpful to anyone in a multi-agency review team. LSCB chairs and members; serious case review panel members; serious case review panel chairs; overview report authors; individual management review authors; staff involved in serious case reviews; directors and assistant directors of children’s services; lead members of council committees.

Policy context

The Government has asked Professor Eileen Munro to review child protection in England. Among the issues being considered is whether there are other methods for learning from serious case reviews that are more effective and efficient, including work in other sectors. There have been two individual reports. The final report is due for April.

Further details can be found in the Learning together section of the website and the accompanying Social Care TV video. SCIE is continuing to work with a number of pilot sites in England. Other councils who are interested in introducing the model are advised to contact SCIE.


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