SCIE media statement

Equality and Human Rights Commission report - SCIE response

23 November 2011

Commenting on the findings, SCIE’s Chair, Allan Bowman says:

Today’s report reminds us that “dignity in care” should be provided in a number of settings; for instance hospitals, care homes, and of course, people’s own homes. It’s distressing to hear of actions that are "dehumanising" and that left people "stripped of self-worth". Our Dignity Guide promotes eight factors that should exist to contribute to a person's sense of self respect. Closely allied to this is our adult safeguarding work, because the report highlights issues about people being vulnerable to abuse in their own homes and this needs to be addressed.

Despite these headlines, there are powerful examples of dignity being provided in home care and other settings. In one of our Social Care TV films, a project in Bromley, providing care and support to people with dementia in their own homes, is highlighted. It shows domiciliary workers sharing information about people whose houses they go into to provide care. Their procedures mean that the people, who all have dementia, end up with a more person-centred care plan and their dignity is much less likely to be compromised. SCIE hosts the Dignity Network and there are 38,000 “Dignity Champions” who are doing solid, day-to-day work on dignity.

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