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27 September 2011

New elearning for staff and service users, from "Get Connected"

Six weeks ago, Mike Hawkins thought that a mouse was a small furry animal.  That was before he joined the Alzheimer's Support's Computer Club.  Mike is now one of ten carers halfway through a computer course to help them get to grips with modern technology including email, word processing and surfing the world wide web.

The ability of people to communicate using new technologies is becoming as important as reading and writing. Individuals and organisations who do not have those skills are likely to become increasingly economically and socially isolated.  The 'Get connected to elearning' resource was developed to help people use information communication technology (ICT) in the social care sector to extend their learning and offer better careThe resource was developed as a result of the Get Connected Project, the project managed by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has provided funding for access to ICT for 1300 social care providers.

Sheila Scott, Chief Executive, National Care Association says:

Using technology for elearning is of particular benefit to social care because it is a 24 hour service.  SCIE's new resource Get connected to elearning will help social care providers explore the possibilities online and make sure our staff skills are as good as they can be.

Get Connected supports the Government's social inclusion strategy; Race Online 2012 estimates that there are still 8.7 million people who have no experience of the internet.  Get connected to elearning is intended for those who are totally new to elearning, as well as those who have some experience already, it includes:

Jennifer Bernard, for Get Connected says:

"Get connected to elearning is not about locking yourself away in a library with a computer. The resource shows the ways in which you can use technology to keep those you care for in focus.  Training and development is effective if it has a positive impact on the care we deliver.  The question is 'How can I learn so I can improve the care I offer'"

'Get connected to elearning' is available on the SCIE website now.

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