SCIE media statement

CQC report - Steady progress but mental capacity concerns

29 March 2011

SCIE response to CQC report on State of Social Care.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) welcomes the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) report on the state of social care in 2009/10.

CQC’s report provides valuable evidence about changes in social care, says Allan Bowman, chair of SCIE. SCIE is pleased to see steady progress, but we share CQC’s concern that many people who were certified as consenting to treatment, appeared to be refusing to give consent or lacked capacity to do so. This is not acceptable or necessary. SCIE’s programme on mental capacity and deprivation of liberty is helping to increase awareness, knowledge and skills on this challenging issue.

SCIE also recognises that there are variations in the personalisation of care across the country. We know that times are even tougher now than they were during the period covered by CQC’s report, continues Mr Bowman. But it’s still a question of delivering the most personalised care possible with whatever resources are available. Some areas are being creative about the use of community capacity. SCIE encourages all commissioners, providers and user-led organisations to share their experience of what works – including in tough times.

Examples can be shared on SCIE’s Good Practice Framework.

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