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Personalisation – making it happen

Three new Social Care TV films - “Invaluable to anyone delivering personalisation on the frontline.”

31 Janary 2011

The old style of working would see you go out and meet that person once. Now I’m getting a relationship with that person - which is what I think social work is all about.

Wendy Curry, Social Worker, Hull City Council

Three new films are launched today on Social Care TV, looking at how more personalised social care services can be delivered.

The traditional service-led approach has often meant that people have not received the right help at the right time and have been unable to shape the kind of support they need. Personalisation is about giving people much more choice and control over their lives and goes well beyond simply giving personal budgets to people eligible for council funding.

David Walden, Director of Adult Services at SCIE, says:

These new films are extremely useful because they show how personalisation can be applied in practice and how people who use services can have more control and better quality social care. For instance, social workers make important decisions about people’s lives; they need service users to be on board so that the right decisions are made. The films will be invaluable to anyone delivering personalisation on the frontline.

The films feature:

The films can be seen now on SCIE’s online channel Social Care TV.

Case study – adult social workers

This film travels to Hull to see how social workers are working within adult care and support, providing personalised services. One clip - at time Code 00:02:00 – is entitled ‘Getting back to the heart of social work’ and it sums up how the social workers in the film feel about personalisation. The film focuses on one family where a mother is having difficulty coping with one of her adult sons who has learning disabilities. The opportunity to spend time at a garden centre transforms the life of her son, but also gives his mother a much-needed break. Without personalisation, this solution would not have been possible and the family would have been reliant on traditional services.

Social work is needed to deliver personalisation; far from being any threat to the profession, emerging evidence suggests that social work skills are essential to the delivery of personalisation:

  • building professional relationships and empowering people as individuals in theirfamilies and communities
  • working through conflict and supporting people to manage risk and safety knowing and applying legislation
  • working with other professionals to achieve best results for people.

The second film follows Oldham’s Link Service, looking at various aspects of personalisation, for instance, matching the right personal assistant to the service user. The third film shows how engaging with user-led organisations (ULOs) can help deliver personalisation. ULOs are experts in the care needs of people who use services because they are managed by people who use services. This can help, for instance, with staff training.

Policy context

Think Local, Act Personal – the sector-wide statement of intent that makes the link between the government’s new vision for social care and Putting People First - has now been finalised as the way forward for personalisation and community-based support. SCIE is an endorser. In November 2010, the Government’s Vision for Social Care set out a new direction for adult social care, putting people, personalised services and outcomes centre stage and returning social care to its foundations of reciprocity and constructive action by individuals on behalf of the whole community. It sets a challenge for councils to provide a personal budget, preferably as a direct payment, for everyone who is eligible by April 2013.


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