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Dr Foster's Hospital Guide - SCIE response

03 December 2012

Commenting on today's report, SCIE's Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe, says:

Information that helps the public understand what is happening in their local services is welcome so it is good that Dr Foster have published this guide. The report highlights the pressures on hospitals which are likely to increase as winter advances. Many people are commenting about what can be done to address high occupancy rates. SCIE's three films on avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions really demonstrate what can be achieved when different services work together to meet the needs of older people and their carers.

Yesterday, we heard from Age UK and the College of Social Work about the quality and quantity of care and support for older people. We know that if we do not look after our health and wellbeing early enough, then this can put huge pressure on casualty and other hospital departments. But this is not an issue that hospitals can resolve by themselves; everyone who provides care and support in public, private and voluntary services can make a big difference in helping to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, by working together and focusing on the needs of the individual.


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