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Dementia – early signs and diagnosis

4 July 2012

An early diagnosis of dementia is so, so important. Once diagnosed, I knew what I was up against.

Norrms, speaking on his YouTube video
The benefits of an early diagnosis of dementia

There’s new support for anyone affected by the early signs of dementia. The new section to the Dementia Gateway, from the Social Care Institute for Excellence, looks at how getting a diagnosis of dementia can be a crucial first step in obtaining support, to cope and to come to terms with the condition.
For many people who develop dementia, the early stages are hugely difficult. They can have feelings of uncertainty, denial, confusion and a drop in self-confidence. These can all combine to place strain on relationships and to throw regular daily life into chaos. So the early signs and diagnosis resource from SCIE supports people with dementia, their families, carers and also staff and managers who provide care and support.

SCIE’s Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe says:

This new resource is a welcome addition to the Dementia Gateway, particularly in the light of the recommendations from the All Parliamentary Group on Dementia in their recently published report, Unlocking Diagnosis. There are five new features, looking at issues such as why early diagnosis is so important, and what can be done about it. All those affected by dementia will find this invaluable. It includes quick activities, with trainer’s notes, so that staff and carers can quickly learn about early signs and diagnosis. It’s an important new section for the larger Dementia Gateway.

The new section covers:


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