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08 November 2012

Research doesn't have to be daunting, say SCIE

It is becoming more and more important for students, lecturers and newly qualified social workers, to know about, and understand, research. A new web resource, published today by the Social Care Institute for Excellence ,supports those groups to assess and use research to inform their work, so that they can be as effective as possible when working with people who use services.

Social care policy is becoming increasingly complex. Social care and social work staff now need to not only provide quality services, but also, according to the Department of Health, to base their work on evidence of how effective they can be. "Research mindedness" is integral to demonstrating the ways that your knowledge and practice are integrated and built into the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and other forms of professional appraisal.

SCIE's Workforce Director, Stephen Goulder, says:

The new web tool gives students and others the chance to either get a quick overview of how to be 'research mindedness' or to explore the issue in more detail. Research doesn't have to be daunting. To be 'research minded', you need to know how to find appropriate research, and this web tool supports you in that, by providing you with a range of resources for improving your research-mindedness. It is an area that must be embraced by anyone who is serious about continuing professional development.

In the resource, there are sections on:

Section in detail - Making sense of research

This section sets out some of the basic things you need build your ability to make sense of the research you come across. Then you will be better placed to understand what makes strong, appropriate research. This includes a need to understand how research is sometimes misused or misrepresented to the public. The section looks at; understanding social care research; theory and methodology in research; and research designs. There is also a handy activity box so that you can take the first steps in finding out how to access research.


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