SCIE press release

"Dementia Friends" project - SCIE response

08 November 2012

SCIE's Chief Executive Andrea Sutcliffe says:

We know that the numbers of people with dementia are rising and that early diagnosis is an important first step in providing necessary help and support. Just as important, though, is the need to raise awareness and understanding of the condition and the impact it has on people's lives. This initiative, arising out of the Prime Minister's challenge, is to be welcomed for the contribution that it will make to building dementia-friendly communities.

We have many resources that can help anyone who wants to know more about dementia and how it affects people. Our eLearning materials, which we call the 'Open Dementia Programme', are most relevant, as they cover this very topic. They were developed to be accessible and useful for everyone, including the general public. Another good introduction to the subject is our eight dementia films on Social Care TV. Our newly launched comparison and information site, Find Me Good Care, helps people searching for care and support.


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