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New board member for SCIE - New trustee Tina to speak out for people who use services

14 February 2012

SCIE's Chair, Allan Bowman, is delighted to announce that Tina Coldham is join the board of trustees.

Tina comes to the board as an expert voice bringing the views of people who use services. SCIE ’s work with user groups is sometimes called co-production.

Co-producing SCIE work

Tina joins at the same time as the publication of a report which sets out SCIE ’s new co-production approach to working with service users and carers. This new policy, which grew out of an independent evaluation of SCIE’s participation work, will mean that SCIE is working towards co-producing all its work with service users and carers.

A new co-production network is being set up with users and carers and Tina’s role with SCIE will include chairing this new group. The difference between participation and co-production sees a shift from service users or carers being just consulted, to becoming equal partners and the co-creators of SCIE products and programmes.

Tina’s new role

Tina campaigns for a better understanding of mental health issues in society, and works to improve service provision. She describes herself as having enduring mental health problems, having used mental health services over many years. Tina has worked in the voluntary sector, across disability, in academia, with regulators and governing bodies as a trainer, researcher and consultant.

In giving Tina a warm welcome, Chair Allan Bowman says:

It’s a great opportunity for Tina and she brings a wealth of experience of service user participation, particularly in the mental health field. Tina can play a leading role in taking forward SCIE 's new policies on co-production with service users and carers. We’re looking forward to introducing Tina to the rest of the board at the next meeting on 22 March.

Tina says:

I believe that by highlighting my experiences, and those of others, I can do my bit to dispel myths and discrimination surrounding mental health problems. I’ve always championed service user involvement and have, over the years, made a positive contribution to the work of personalisation in mental health. I know lots about SCIE , having been co-Chair of its Partners Council and having trained many of its staff on equality issues. I bring this perspective to the SCIE board and I’m really excited to be joining.


A short report called 'Toward co-production taking participation to the next level' is available on the SCIE website. The report outlines SCIE ’s new approach to working with users and carers.

Tina Coldham biography

Tina was a mental health service user for 17 years, and still describes herself as a “practicing depressive”. She became a user activist through setting up self-help groups, and also being part of a local successful campaigning user group.  This has led to wider regional, national and international involvement. Tina managed a community mental health development project in the voluntary sector for four years. She then joined the Centre for Mental Health Services Development England (CMHSDE) at Kings College London. From 2003 to 2011, she worked for the Health and Social Care Advisory Service (HASCAS) on various national projects.  Tina is an experienced trainer, lecturer and does research and consultancy all from a user perspective. 

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