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Personalisation in a time of budget cuts

19 March 2012

People who use services and their carers can be fearful about whether personalisation will be sustained during a time of limited resources.  The Social Care Institute for Excellence has published a new report entitled People not processes: the future of personalisation and independent living.  The report summarises the views of participants at two SCIE seminars held in 2011, supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF).

The seminars brought together service users, carers, practitioners and personalisation policy leads with a range of specialisms and perspectives.  The online report includes video accounts of individual stories that demonstrate how flexible approaches to service delivery are more empowering for the person receiving those services.

Speaking at the seminar Baroness Jane Campbell said:

Now the genie is out of the bottle, there will always be people who understand and acknowledge the fact that people who use services are the experts of their own situation.

A key seminar discussion centred on what is meant by the term “personalisation”.  There is concern that different local authorities have different definitions of personalisation, resulting in wide variations in practice.  Key characteristics of personalisation were identified by the participants as:

While participants described many positive experiences of personalisation, they say there are still many barriers and obstacles in place.  One of the main issues raised concerned the number of people receiving truly personalised services, a challenge made harder by service reductions.   

Participants agreed that more needs to be done in achieving:

Despite these fears about the future, participants also had clear ideas about steps that need to be taken to try to ensure a positive future for personalisation.  The fundamental message was the need move back to the ethos of independent living.


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