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Carer’s Week – SCIE comment

20 June 2012

Responding to the Carer’s Week report, “In Sickness and in Health”, SCIE’s Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe says:

Carers demand so little and deliver so much. As the Carers UK survey demonstrates, carers want to keep on caring but they need support to ensure that their dedication is not exploited. Primary health and social care services need to monitor and support carers’ health and wellbeing, and to fully recognise that carers are entitled to the same life chances as others and should not be socially excluded as a result of their caring role.

If we fail to support them, many carers will go on to develop significant health and care needs themselves thereby increasing the demand on services and reducing the support to the people they have supported. We simply can’t afford that to happen. We know that the care system could not function without the willing support of carers. This report from Carers UK clearly shows the impact that caring has on people’s physical and mental health. It’s valuable evidence as we review how care services are delivered.


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