SCIE media statement

Publication of serious case review - SCIE response to Michael Gove’s letter

30 March 2012

SCIE’s Deputy Chief Executive Amanda Edwards says:

The Secretary of State’s letter highlights the importance of producing reports that can be learnt from, rather than be used to point the finger of blame. He clarifies that learning requires the need to explain why professionals acted in the way they did, along with what was getting in the way of them taking the right action at the right time. Responding to these underlying issues, and not scape-goating a particular individual or individuals, is what it will take to reduce the risk of similar scenarios re-occurring.

The SCIE Learning Together model for case reviews and serious case reviews is explicitly designed to provide these kinds of explanations. It provides a transparent and rigorous methodology for analysing what happened in a particular case and why. It enables wider learning about the reliability of local services to safeguard and protect children. Organisations using the SCIE Learning Together model say: “We have had a proper discussion about the contextual issues findings. It was such a different and positive experience......we have learnt things we would never have learnt through the traditional route.

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