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Looked after children – Help with rights, entitlements and responsibilities.

30 MAY 2012

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Matt, aged 19

Info 4 Care Kids

A new website launches today in North Tyneside, which gives looked after children and young people the confidence to navigate what can be, at times, a difficult and complex system. It’s been part-written by looked after children and young people themselves, so it has the very latest information on how to survive and prosper in care. There are practical tips on many subjects, for instance, getting support at school because of bullying, or help with finding a job.

Info 4 Care Kids is the first of its kind; a website that points care-experienced children and young people towards their rights, entitlements and responsibilities. It’s been commissioned by the Social Care Institute for Excellence(SCIE). The site is an accessible version of the SCIE/ NICE recommendations on looked-after children. This guidance was written by a group of people with professional experience of caring for looked after children, and by care-experienced young people themselves.

There are sections on:

SCIE Chief Executive Andrea Sutcliffe, who will be at the launch this evening in North Tyneside, says:

This is an excellent resource for care-experienced children and young people. We’ve had the fantastic input of people who have been in the care system, so there are plenty of tips on how to get to know what you are entitled to. So the law, as it affects young people, is explained using accessible English; but there are also practical suggestions as well, for instance, how to create a life-story book that professionals will find invaluable.

Example – living on your own

One section looks at living on your own. There’s an animation which takes the thoughts of someone who has been through the care system. He describes the excitement of getting a flat; he started having parties because he thought he was free to do anything. Then he realised that with rights comes responsibilities. He says: “The last thing I wanted to do was to lose my flat before I’d really moved in.”

He goes on to talk about how he found paying bills daunting at first. But he had support from his “leaving care” worker. He was soon settled. This section also has advice on paying bills, budgeting and planning.

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