Notes to editors

05 March 2013

About SCIE

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) is an independent charity that works across the UK to improve care services by sharing knowledge about what works. SCIE:

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About Find Me Good Care reviews

Find Me Good Care is the most comprehensive online source of advice and guidance for adult care and support available in England. It has been created to enable individuals to select care and support solutions that suit their needs and their lifestyle. It combines information on how to choose and pay for good care, supported by an easy to use directory with ratings and feedback.

The Find Me Good Care review categories are based on a definition of excellence in social care developed by SCIE in partnership with people who use, manage and regulate care services. They reflect key areas that make a real difference to people's experience of using care and support services including:

People can only leave feedback if they have said they have used a service directly, or have cared for someone who has used the service (ie a family member or friend).

Find Me Good Care lists all services registered with the Care Quality Commission. It also accepts listings for other services that do not require CQC registration but which can support people to live independently.

Services can enhance their listing for a fee. The price of an enhanced listing varies depending on the size of the organisation and number of listings purchased.