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Success for SCIE's Chair with Care Bill amendment

10 October 2013

Care Minister Norman Lamb is tabling an amendment to the Care Bill. The amendment, first suggested by SCIE's Chair, Lord Michael Bichard, will give greater emphasis to the importance of personal dignity as a component of wellbeing in care and support. Lord Bichard had support in the House of Lords, from, among others, Baroness Claire Tyler.

Lord Bichard says:

Back in July I proposed an amendment to the Care Bill, to ensure that Clause One explicitly included a reference to dignity and respect, as the vital foundations on which all care and support should be built. These are the most basic of human rights and I wanted the bill to boldly capture, and articulate what it is we all expect from anyone who provides care and support.

I’m delighted that the amendment has, in most respects, been accepted by the Government; and will provide an unambiguous statement of intent and expectations. This has no extra cost attached to it; it just involves us stating simply what this bill, and care, is all about. I think this is a big step forward, and clarifies what all clients and users have the right to expect from providers.


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