SCIE press release

Funding reforms and the cost of care

11 February 2013

The Government has announced plans to limit the amount that people in England have to pay for social care.

SCIE's Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe, says:

We welcome the Government's announcements today as an important step along the way for social care funding reform. After so much discussion it is good that the Government is now committed to introducing a cap for care costs and implementing an extended means test. While this does not resolve all the funding concerns in social care, it is significant that these helpful proposals will now make their way onto the statute book.

It is important to be clear about the facts and implications of the proposals, for example, that the cap will apply only to care, not accommodation costs. We all need to think about, and plan, for our future. I hope the debate generated by today's announcements will be backed up by clear, accessible and accurate information, to help people make informed choices about the sort of care and support that is right for them. SCIE looks forward to playing its part in making that happen.