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Dementia - Working alongside and supporting carers

13 June 2013

People who care for a relative, friend or neighbour with dementia are experts-by- experience, but often do not feel like that. In Carers Week 2013, SCIE has launched a new additional resource for the Dementia Gateway. The Gateway, created by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) in 2009, has always been a one-stop-shop for care workers and managers, offering practical tips, tools and activities.

Now, the site has been updated to explore how health and social care staff can work alongside carers, recognise their expertise and help to provide the best possible support for people living with dementia.

The carer is very often the person who knows and understands the person with dementia best, and care staff need to recognise this and work together with them to get the care right. Carers have been involved in developing the new resource’s content and tell SCIE that it will be of use to carers more widely. The main audience for the Dementia Gateway has always been care staff, but the new pages have been written in a way that will be accessible to anyone providing care and support who wishes to use online information.

SCIE’S Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe, says:

I am delighted that SCIE has been able to develop this additional resource to support carers in Carers Week. Carers play an absolutely vital role in the care and support of people with dementia – and yet often they have to battle with the health and social care system to be heard and to have their expertise recognised. The new material in the Dementia Gateway shows how professional care staff can improve their support for carers by working alongside them. I hope that the resources will help staff to improve the support they provide and will give carers confidence that they will be listened to.

The new section has specialist information on:


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