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Liverpool Care Pathway – Personalising end of life care

15 July 2013

The Government plans to phase out the Liverpool Care Pathway for end of life care. Here is SCIE's comment.

The Government is right to refocus our efforts on delivering personalised, dignified care for people at the end of their lives. Many health and care staff find it difficult to talk to people about dying – but it is so important to get this right.

As the review led by Baroness Julia Neuberger recognises, end of life care is as much a social issue as a medical issue. Her report includes many useful recommendations, such as taking a system-wide approach to improvements and educating staff in the care of people who are dying.

I hope in its response that the Government will ensure social care is included within this system-wide approach. Care services deliver essential support to people dying in hospital, residential services, and in their own homes. SCIE and Skills for Care already provide useful resources to improve the knowledge and skills of staff – for example, our recent work on Dying Well at Home and Skills for Care common core principles and competencies for end of life care.

It is sad that the good intentions of the Liverpool Care Pathway were undermined by its implementation in some places. But let’s use this as an opportunity to improve the care we provide at this most difficult time in people’s lives.

SCIE’s Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe


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