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SCIE's Common Induction resource for Northern Ireland

17 April 2013

A new resource provides new care and support workers with a comprehensive overview of what they should know when they start their new careers. All social care workers in Northern Ireland need to complete the six "standards" within three to six months of starting, or changing jobs in the sector and the new resource will help and support them.

Created by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), the resource covers a range of areas, such as personal development, communication and safeguarding. It offers invaluable support to those staff, but it is also useful for trainers and managers overseeing induction, as well as for service users and carers with an interest in quality of care. It gives advice on many topics, for instance, how to record learning in an "evidence of achievement".

SCIE's Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe, says:

We are so pleased to make this resource available for new social care staff in Northern Ireland. The careers they are entering are rewarding, but can be complex and will involve high levels of responsibility. The six standards are all covered in detail and they will be a great help to new workers, as well as trainers, managers, people who use services and carers. Staff need to do things in the appropriate way, but they also need to have the right knowledge, to treat people well and to have the right approach to working in social care. The resource has plenty of useful information for social care workers in Northern Ireland. I hope it plays a key part in their induction and in laying the foundation for a successful and satisfying career in social care

The online resource is available in six clickable sections:

One standard in detail - abuse and neglect

Everyone has the right to live their lives free from violence and abuse. However, some people who use services may be vulnerable to abuse and neglect and this can have a significant impact on a person's health and wellbeing. This section looks at legislation, policies and procedures, along with other issues, such as recognising the signs and symptoms of abuse, as well as issues such as whistle-blowing. Social care workers need to know about abuse and neglect, and what to do if they suspect it is happening.


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