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Dignity and nutrition inspection programme - SCIE response

19 March 2013

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published its first dedicated review of privacy, dignity and nutrition in both care homes and hospitals. Here is SCIE's response.

Good nutrition is essential for us all and even more important when we are elderly or ill. Everyone in hospitals and care homes deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. The Care Quality Commission has focused our attention on these vital areas and it is good to see that the vast majority of care homes inspected saw staff respecting people's privacy and dignity and providing good nutritional care.

Standards of nutritional care are, for many older people, a defining factor of the overall quality of care they receive. The evidence tells us that care staff who are trained, motivated and well managed are more likely to know how to ensure dignity in care at meal times. This helps to ensure good nutrition.

Food needs to be of good quality, with adequate portions, and well prepared in a safe environment. It needs to meet dietary, cultural and religious requirements. And it needs to be provided in an environment conducive to eating so that older people are given the time, help and encouragement they may need to eat the food provided. We have several resources that can help; I hope that the next CQC report on dignity and nutrition sees even more improvement in social care.

SCIE's Chief Executive Andrea Sutcliffe


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