SCIE press release

Alzheimer's Society report 'Low Expectations'

26 February 2013

The Alzheimer's Society challenges low expectations of care for people living with dementia. SCIE offers practical resources that can help to meet that challenge.

SCIE's Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe says:

The Alzheimer's Society's important report today confirms that the significant and rising number of people living with dementia is something we all need to care about. This could be you, your family member or friend. We should not be satisfied with low expectations. Instead we should follow the example set by the excellent services that do exist and try to make sure that these high standards of care and support are available for all - in the community, at home and in residential care.

There is a lot to do but the good news is that support, good practice examples and guidance are available to help. SCIE has a wealth of resources that can benefit the public and social care staff.

There is no need to fall into the counsel of despair when considering how to respond to the challenge set by Alzheimer's Society - we need to make best use of the resources already available from SCIE and many others.

SCIE's Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe



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