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The impact of the dementia diagnosis

28 June 2013

New Social Care TV film includes personal stories about getting to know the person with dementia.

I love photography; I love walking; and I have Frontal Lobe Dementia". Harry, in "Getting to know the person with dementia - the impact of diagnosis

A new film breaks a few myths about dementia by introducing six people whose lives have been affected by the condition. The video, on the Social Care TV website, focuses on their thoughts about having the condition, but also shows them getting on with their lives, by showing them involved with their hobbies.

The film is launched today at the Younger People Living with Dementia conference in London. Most of the people in the film are younger than the age we often associate with a diagnosis of dementia.

The films will be useful for anyone who has recently been diagnosed with dementia, as well as anyone who cares for people with the condition. This includes health and social care staff, dementia trainers, managers, families and friends. Roy sums it up when he says: "I've got an illness but I am still a person. Just treat us normally".

SCIE's Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe says:

Have you ever thought about what it is like to be a person living with dementia? Do you fall into the trap of describing people with dementia as 'sufferers' or 'victims'? Would you like to understand more about how people feel if they are living with dementia? Then please watch this thought-provoking and moving film. Six people sharing their thoughts, talking about their lives, enthusing about their interests - they just happen to have dementia too. I hope as many people as possible watch this film so that we all see the person not the dementia - absolutely vital if we are to improve the way we provide care and support.

Key messages

The film looks at some key aspects of dementia, when someone has been diagnosed with the condition:

Meet the stars of the film - a rich set of lives

Ian is a dog-walker. He says that it is important to talk about the condition. He knows his vocabulary is going. Derek has been involved in the green movement and continues to work hard outdoors. He is seen chopping wood and transporting it. He says that he now needs to think about what he does, in case his dementia proves problematic. But, he says that many things are not a problem. Jude is seen painting, and also reminiscing about her younger life, which involved playing sport. She says she finds herself pointing out to people that she has a memory problem.

Stan likes his gardening. He says his dementia is "like being inside a balloon". He talks about how frustrating it is to have the condition. Roy loves his music. It reminds him of good, and bad times. He is supporting himself at the moment, but says he will ask for help when he feels that the time is right. Harry is a keen photographer. He says that it is vital that people who offer dementia support "know the person".


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