Autism quality standard – SCIE response

21 January 2014

Autism is a lifelong condition affecting than half a million people in the UK. Of these 80,000 are thought to be children of school age. A new quality standard, from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, contains eight measurable statements, which together can improve the quality and consistency of care for people with the condition

Here is SCIE’s response; SCIE Chief Executive, Tony Hunter, says:

People with autism should expect to access good quality care and support from health and social care services, when needing it, in order to live a good life. This includes well integrated health and social care and consistent services wherever you live. The NICE Autism Quality Standard rightly focuses on the importance of diagnosis, management and the issue of when medication is appropriate or not. These things are important to enable people and their families to understand the very diverse nature of autism, and to have greater control. Getting these issues right means that people with autism, their families and carers, have a good quality of life. SCIE is particularly pleased to see the social issues that the quality standard addresses; it makes a clear connection to social vulnerability and risk, and how this is minimised by effective and timely diagnosis, treatment, care and support. SCIE looks forward to NICE’s anticipated work on transitions between children’s and adult services, which this quality standard identifies as a key stage for young people with autism.

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