‘Golden opportunity’ with reduction in care home deaths

02 June 2020

It’s being reported today that the number of COVID-19-related deaths in care homes has dropped by a third. This news comes via the latest weekly statistics published by the Office for National Statistics. Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive of the Social Care

This is great news but we must treat it as a golden opportunity to make sure we get things right – and don’t repeat the mistakes that happened when the country first went into lockdown. We need guarantees on regular testing, the use of and training on using PPE equipment and an undertaking that hospitals aren’t discharging people with COVID-19 into care homes. We cannot have care homes and other care settings once again becoming incubators for infection. And it’s also a good opportunity to make sure that care and support links with health in a national, co-ordinated way, so that people also have the best experiences and outcomes in the long-term, not just during the pandemic.

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Office for National Statistics figures. Figures for the week ending May 22 show that there were 1,090 COVID-19 related care home deaths in England and Wales, down by more than a third on the 1,660 recorded in the week to May 15.

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