Clap for Carers: And what it means for the future of social care

28 May 2020

Tonight is likely to see the final ‘Clap for Carers’. Chief Executive of the Social Care Institute for Excellence, Kathryn Smith says:

It’s been so great to see and hear the Clap for Carers week after week. It’s been important recognition for our NHS staff, care workers and many others who have been heroic during the pandemic. If the organisers feel that the event should now end, then they should also be proud of their achievements. As far as our sector goes, it’s been encouraging and important that care and support has at last been recognised. But as far as the future is concerned, the workforce needs to know that it will have appropriate recognition through pay and a strategy that secures social care for the future that’s supports people in a way that works for them. We can’t have a repeat of what’s happened in care homes and we must equally safeguard home care services. The pandemic has put social care in the spotlight but it has also revealed the need for us not to simply put the sector back to where it was before; but to use the energy that events like Clap for the Carers, along with all the innovation going on with our workforce, to build a sector fit for future generations.

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