Co-production Week 2020: ‘Co-production in a changing world’. 6 – 10 July. Virtual conference

06 July 2020

Co-production Week 2020

We believe that co-production is more crucial now than ever. One of the inspiring features of this lockdown is seeing how co-production has come into its own in local communities to find solutions to the problems we have been facing. It has been very moving too - seeing the emergence of self-help and mutual groups springing up to make that vital difference to their communities.

John Evans – SCIE Co-production, Equalities & Human Rights Steering Group

Co-Production Week 2020: Co-Production in a Changing World - is a five day virtual conference celebrating advances in service user-led and carer-led collaboration with charities, groups, organisations, local authority stakeholders and others. The conference is in its 5th year and the theme this year is ‘Co-production in a changing world’. The challenges of social care are not new to people working in the sector, or to those who may have struggled to get the care and /or support that they need. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, social care is now well and truly centre-stage.

Kathryn Smith, the recently appointed CEO of the of The Social Care Institute For Excellence is looking forward to her first Co-Production Week. Kathryn says:

We are living in unprecedented times where we have witnessed losses for families and communities across the country. I myself lost a family member to Covid-19. Co-production Week is important because it is a chance to bring the experiences - of service users, carers and service providers across care and support - into meaningful dialogue; to facilitate change and create a road map for progress and equality. My hope is that Co-production Week 2020 will be a rallying call for long overdue change and a chance to reflect on everything that has come to light as the result of the pandemic. Service users and carers need to be at the heart of the decisions being made about them.

Some of the topics covered this year include:

  • Asset-Based Community Development with one eye on COVID-19 and the other on our gifts presented by Nurture Development`
  • Messages in Behaviour – the reasons young people come into care - a series of workshops facilitated by The Care Leaders
  • Jumping Headfirst into the New Normal - setting up online interactive workshops quickly and co-productively organised by The Oxfordshire Recovery College

Other participating organisations include: Co-production Network For Wales, Oxfordshire Kindness Wave, Peoples Voice Media, and The National Co-production Advisory Group.

Notes to Editors:

Why co-production?

Working in this way leads to an improved experience of services for those using them, and can support over cost-effectiveness. A key lesson of service issues such as the Francis Report, and the Winterbourne View report, is that service providers need to develop more equal partnerships with people who use services and carers.

About Co-production Week

The fourth annual Co-production Week starts on 1 July 2019. . Celebrating the contribution of people who use services and carers.

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