COVID-19 and social care: Get the COVID-19 basics right

14 May 2020

SCIE’s Chief Executive, Kathryn Smith, says that there is still a lot to do when it comes to COVID-19 and providing good quality care and support to people.

Kathryn Smith says:

We are pleased to see the £600m investment into infection control. However, it needs to be clear how this is to be channelled to the front line and used to improve the current situation. Care services have never had such a high profile as in the last few days. And quite rightly. There are concerns about how care homes were protected at the start of lockdown; along with calls for a public enquiry on supplies of protective equipment, inconsistent testing in care settings and discharge from hospital. I am personally being sent horror stories regularly, like the one yesterday from a carer desperate for more testing opportunities.

Kathryn Smith continues

What’s needed now is a clear path forward so that social care is given a level playing field, rather than being the forgotten front line. It’s encouraging to hear that care home death rates look like they’re starting to fall. Let’s capitalise on that by getting the COVID-19 basics right for care providers so that they can continue to offer the best care for people who use services.

The Government has announced that it is providing a variety of guidance, including on GOV.UK and is signposting, through SCIE, resources including tailored advice for managing the COVID-19 pandemic in different social care settings and with groups with specific needs.

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