CQC Dementia Review: SCIE response

13 October 2014

During 2013 and 2014, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) carried out a thematic review of the care people living with dementia receive as they moved between care homes and acute hospitals.

In response, SCIE's Chief Executive, Tony Hunter, says:

This is such an important report and we agree that the large and increasing number of people with dementia shouldn’t be ignored. This is especially true when reviewing people who have the condition, whether in care homes, acute hospitals or the wider community. CQC found different levels of care in different areas and settings. It’s encouraging that overall, good quality dementia care was found, but concerning that 90% of care homes and hospitals delivered some aspects of variable or poor care, in areas such as assessment, staffing and different organisations sharing information. However, we are pleased to see CQC taking action, such as appointing a specialist adviser for dementia care.

Tony goes on to say:

At SCIE we’ll continue to support CQC, service providers and others in the health and social care sector, to delivery good quality dementia care. Our Dementia Gateway is one example of those bits of clear guidance that CQC says has been available for years. Our film ‘Living with Dementia’ is a brutally honest look at life with the condition, but crucially it reminds us that although dementia causes the loss of some abilities, people's feelings remain intact; and it shows what differences can be made when there’s a supportive relationship with the person involved in dementia care. Dementia care can be complex to get right, but good guidance does exist and this review is a timely and important reminder about why and how people with the condition can see their lives improved.

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